4th May 2020 – Florence Covid19

We are officially in phase 2. Florence slowly starts to wake up and I with her.

The first thing I wanted to do today was to pick up the camera and walk through the streets of my beloved city.  Take a few casual pictures here and there, without an idea, without an intention, without a clear mind. Enjoying the warm spring sun, observing the slow awakening, and savoring the desire to return to normal.

It has been eight long weeks, in which I have preferred to remain silent and to listen and respect what we have been asked to do: stay at home and protect the people next to us.

It was a time needed to get scared and then react; to get depressed and then get excited; to feel all the shortcomings and then fill in the gaps; to get angry and then make peace; to observe and then see, to surrender and then regroup.

And now we start again, with a new centering and with a strange enthusiasm aware of what will be.

It will be hard. I will miss weddings, meeting my spouses, getting excited with them, embracing them, and supporting them. I’m gonna miss going home in the middle of the night with my back broken but with a smile on my face.

Patience and trust for what I would desire now but only in time will it be.
And I want to remember my Florence in this way, in its timid, respectful, absorbed, and wounded awakening. Waiting to see her again as soon as possible to shine with strength, pride and hospitality.